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Anonymous asked: gonna make hintersatz tshirts! same bold black font on same plain gray background. so if you ever see two kids wearing these, just wave your hand and we buy you a drink.


Anonymous asked: #Icelandic hosting providers accept bitcoin & don't have to identify yourself. I'd suggest a small fundraiser to fund 1st/2nd yr of hosting.

Anonymous asked: #Iceland: You can still host photos on tmblr. Just need to move tracks off their servers. How many GBs are music tracks so far? How much GB/m is for streaming the tracks?

Anonymous asked: Let's host hintersatz in Iceland!


Anonymous asked: I'm so sad, you don't know how much hintersatz and you've changed my life..


Anonymous asked: no more hintersatz? no.

not really.


it’s classified.

jsbirds asked: I'd keep following just for the photos.


kulolo asked: Sorry to hear about your being shut down at any moment. Thanks for all of the music!

you are welcome.

I backed up everything.


I backed up everything.

so probably no more hintersatz.

so probably no more hintersatz.

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David and his son Igor Oistrakh plays Henryk Wieniawski's Etudes-Caprices for 2 violins, Op.18. IV. Tempo di saltarella, ma non troppo vivo

Do not listen to this if you are a violin player.

Anonymous asked: ever been to paris?


Anonymous asked: best performance you've ever been to?


Anonymous asked: song you'd prefer for your funeral?

mahler 5.